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I won’t be able to post anything until my PSAT is over, so I’ll see you after Oct. 12!


These are so good. The best cookies I have ever tasted, and they’re chewy + eggless, which make them absolutely heavenly. I took them to school,m and everyone loved them! So hopefully you will too! I happened to stumble upon it when delving into the awesomeness of Multiply Delicious and here’s the link!

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Homemade Butter!

I feel so cool.

Blue Rippled Flower Candle

Not sure what to name this. There’s two more flowers on the other side.

It’s so old and broken, sorry!

Hey there! I’m making these to take to school. So if you attend my school, aren’t you a lucky duckling? ^^

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AWESOMENESS! This stuff is truly amazing. Who knew raw spinach could tatse so dang good?

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Hey guys!

So… I’m finally posting this on facebook.

This is my blog(Way to make for a boring intro. :/ hah.). So check it out! It’s full of food and art and recipes. Basically goodstuff. For more info, please visit “A World of My Imagination.”

Make sure to look at my “School Buddies?” Page, too! Yay!

Oh, and sorry for the recent personal posts. Keeps scrolling for the food and art. Keep in mind that the art pictures are very unattractively taken. D: And if there’s anything specific you’re looking for, check out the side bar , “Enter my World”.

C: Enjoy!

I just really like this picture. My dad said it looks like stupid little bugs or something.


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